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ICC remains to be active in the field of communications. An extensive global media database has been implemented, which is made up of Inuit media experts and other journalists from around the world supportive of and interested in issues affecting Inuit. Despite limited resources, ICC remains dedicated to its communications plan implemented by the ICC Executive Council.

ICC takes pride in its website which provides coordinated access to material posted by each regional organization making it much easier for all who use the website to follow what each regional office is working on.

The Inuit Communications Commission was merged with that of the Inuit Language Commission in recognition of the fact that, in order for the Inuit language to be both promoted and standardized, it must be done in conjunction with the development of Inuit television, radio, film, and the internet.

ICC provides financial and other support to the Inuit Circumpolar Youth Council (ICYC) to allow the youth to network and share information.

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