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United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP)

ICC is proud of the work it has contributed over many years to the eventual adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in 2007. This historic document is a vital tool for Inuit in the ongoing struggle to protect our human rights, cultural traditions, economic advancement, and political development.

It was adopted by a majority vote of 144 nations in favour on September 13, 2007. Four countries voted against – Canada, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Canada reversed its vote in 2016. The other countries have also since changed their positions.

UNDRIP codifies Indigenous historical grievances, contemporary challenges and socio-economic, political and cultural aspirations and is the culmination of generations-long efforts by Indigenous organizations to obtain international attention, to secure recognition for our aspirations, and to generate support for our political agendas.

A wide range of indigenous collective rights are affirmed in the Declaration. These rights are of a political, economic, social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental nature, and include our right to self-determination.

Since its adoption ICC has used UNDRIP as a tool to advance our human rights agenda, as well as to advocate on other issues. ICC has worked in partnership with fellow Indigenous organizations to print a pocket-sized edition of the UNDRIP. We have included it online here in PDF format.

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