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Climate Change

Inuit have been speaking out on the issue of climate change for decades.

This is one of ICCs principle initiatives and over the years we have undertaken numerous activities including communicating its Arctic manifestations to the world, working with those that hope to mitigate the current and future impacts of climate change, and supporting initiatives that aim to hold those responsible for climate change accountable to Inuit and others that are and will be affected.

Within the Arctic Council we have worked to contribute to substantial reports on the ravages of climate change such as the reports of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA).

We’ve worked diligently at the Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change over the decades in order to bring a consistent message regarding the harmful effects the changing climate is having on our Arctic homeland.

We have contributed, over the years, to a broad range of policy recommendations in the field of climate change pertaining to mitigation, adaptation, as well as research, observations, monitoring, modeling and outreach.

Over the decades ICC leaders have delivered speeches on this topic to audiences worldwide to bring Arctic and Inuit perspectives on climate change to the attention of decision-makers.

Each year our activities related to this issue are reported within our Annual Report, and every four years in the Report on Activities prepared for our General Assemblies. As well, the resulting Declarations issued following each ICC General Assembly have included specific actions to undertake by ICC leaders during the four years between our Assemblies. You will find these reports on this site in the sections on “Media and Reports”, and “General Assemblies”.

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