United Nations and Human Rights

ICC has been active in ongoing UN and human rights related activities over the past year, specifically in the following areas:

Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues
The Permanent Forum will address a wide range of issues and will include eight Indigenous peoples’ representatives and eight state representatives. This is a historic step in Indigenous peoples’ full and equal participation in international discussions and bodies addressing their rights and survival.

The first preparatory meeting to discuss the Permanent Forum took place at UN headquarters in New York, and ICC representatives from Greenland were in attendance. It was pointed out at that meeting that ICC and the Saami Council are working on the assumption that all Indigenous organizations are accepting the regional process that was initiated in Geneva. ICC and the Saami Council, together representing the Arctic/Europe region, have agreed to nominate one person and to participate in rotation. ICC has nominated Aqqaluk Lynge as its representative.

World Conference Against Racism (WCAR)
The World Conference Against Racism will take place in Durban, South Africa, in September 2001.

The objectives of the WCAR are to identify all of the factors that lead to racism and racial discrimination, to review the progress made in the fight against racism, to increase awareness of the problem, and to recommend new measures to combat racism.

Canada’s goals for the WCAR include sharing the Canadian experience of diversity and influencing world progress on fighting racism and related intolerance.

Canada’s preparation for the WCAR included a regional consultative process and a national process. ICC participated in the northern consultation process in Iqaluit as well as the national Aboriginal consultations in Winnipeg.

ICC has representation on the Aboriginal Advisory Committee to the WCAR process.

United Nations And Human Rights

Information regarding United Nations and Human Rights is available on the ICC Greenland website Here.

ICC United Nations And Human Rights Advisory Group

Aqqaluk Lynge (Greenland)

Minnie Grey (Canada)
Henriette Rasmussen (Greenland)
Dalee Sambo Dorough (Alaska)
Nadezda Sudakova (Chukotka)

Support Staff
Hjalmar Dahl (Greenland)