ICC 2022 Calendar

Throughout the 12 months of this 2022 calendar, we are proud to share photos you have sent to us about the importance of wildlife in relation to sustainable use, country food, food security, and health from an Inuit perspective. In August 2021 we asked you to send us your photos out on the land – hunting and fishing in all seasons, gathering berries in the summer, and preparing country food.

We were thrilled with the photos we received, many featuring youth and children beaming with pride with a first catch! Elsie Harron snapped the cover photo of the pipsi’s her family made, in Duke of York Bay in the north of Southampton Island, Nunavut, at the end of July 2021.

As we work to protect and secure Inuit rights to harvest and hunt at international forums, and continue to advocate for better food security, we are grateful for these images that vividly illustrate what we are working towards.

Thank you to Heritage Canada’s Indigenous Language Component for funding this calendar.

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