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2021 Inuit Health Summit

Article 23 of the Utqiaġvik Declaration directs ICC to host a Circumpolar Inuit Summit on Health and Wellness focusing on efforts and initiatives to reduce and eradicate health disparities harming our families and prioritizing mental wellness, addictions, and suicide prevention.

With regards to the focus of the Summit, the Utqiaġvik Declaration highlighted mental wellness, addictions, and suicide prevention as a priority. Members of the Circumpolar Inuit Health Steering Committee (CIHSC) support this and have noted that while we are losing people to other health issues such as tuberculosis and cancer, we are losing more Inuit to suicide. As such, the Summit will focus on suicide prevention and mental health, including issues that are integral in addressing suicide such as childhood sexual abuse and the important role of culture.

The CIHSC had recommended that a 3-day summit be held in late summer/early fall 2020 in Canada. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Inuit Health Summit will now be held in the fall of 2021.

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